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Syd, also known as Sydney, is the head blogger in charge for Syd and the City. She is an optimistic student of life, with an adventurous spirit that has shaped her mindset and given her a “try everything once” attitude. Blogging was but an idea until September 2017, when Syd and the City came to life with a central focus of personal style, lifestyle, and food. Her mission is that she can communicate something insightful to readers, with the hope that their minds can be enlightened or simply entertained. 
Syd and the City is the online compilation of various forms of material, which are all curated by the HBIC Syd. Content ranges from personal style visuals to essays in regards to everyday life and cultural experiences to casual, interesting discoveries in the “City”. While material is published through a positive, millennial lens, Syd is publishing content to be more relevant to her spiritual journey and experience as a black female. Although multiple topics will be communicated weekly, the central focus will fall on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. 

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