Where I’ve been

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. 
Psalm 37:7

Long time no see... literally! I took some time off because it’s the summer and I wanted to get a good  break in and regroup before the start of a whole NEW year of blogging! Crazy it’s been two years of writing + publishing content for anyone caring enough to read. Time has really flown, but I can still remember the first shoot like it was yesterday. A big thank you to to anyone who has been reading Syd and the City from the beginning and a welcome to all the new people who are just finding me.

When contemplating the return from break, I was originally thinking of going all out. I’m talking balloons and makeup artist and the whole nine. However, I also have other components I want to factor into year two that won’t be able ready till October, so we’re easing into this thing! That lead me to change my writing gears from celebratory to reflective. I though this would be a wonderful time to share where I’ve been AND what the blog has been about for the new folks.

Where have I been...

Blog wise, on a big ole summer break! I said above I wanted to regroup and I did just that. I wanted to infuse some real life into my social media, so I didn’t create my normal weekly content. No shooting in the Texas heat every week thankfully , but I did get to shoot a few days for my first paid content work! That was an amazing feat for me because I was approached from prior work I did and while I don’t seek validation, it’s nice to know what I put out there is good enough for a company to recognize and pay me for. Big, big shout out to the Man upstairs! It happened pretty recently, so it seemed like a true gift for working toward something and being myself while doing it. 

Personally, I’ve been focusing on my relationship and foundation with God more than anything. Nothings really changed in my everyday life other than my attempts to infuse it more with God. As of now, getting in His word and serving Him would be my top priorities! Oh, I also sung at church AND got baptized, literally all in the same day! That was amazing because those were two things I really wanted to do since joining my church and now they’re both checked off. I will continue to sing in the choir, though so thats has a permanent smile on my face and an opportunity for anyone to hear me sing! 

My break has come to an end and with that, I believe I have a bit of clarity with what to do with Syd and the City. I’m growing, so it has to follow suit too. As of now, the content will be pretty regular, with causal looks and some lifestyle post here on Syd and the City, but I’m going to spruce things up and do my best to be a bit more come October. A small facelift and some creative quirks are all that’s to be expected, along with minor tweaks to my posting schedule! Don’t want to spoil it all, so stick around to see all the good that’s too come and happy to be back writing guys!

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