Confidence in Curves

 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;  you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 

Hey guys! I hope all is well and your holiday was safe and fun! I've been MIA for two reasons; 1. I didn't prioritize shooting because I didn’t feel inspired and 2. I've been spending time off  relaxing and with my family because I've been feeling slightly worked up. Two rather valuable reasons in my opinion lol

Nonetheless, I’m back and I’m talking about the body...once again. This time however, it’s not so much preaching about why you should love you body, which I hope you do, but just sharing my truth with my own body. I have this theory that when we share our stories, it gives people permission to share or accept their own, so I’m going to see how this goes. That sounds rather dramatic, but ...

I stand before myself every day and view myself in the barest form. This is something I started doing years ago, as I believe it helps people appreciate and accept what they have and I think it works! I love myself in ways I didn’t think I would, but that grew to happen over time. No form of self love is going to happen over night, especially if you have changes occur and you have to adapt to something new. 

Currently, my body is in a new form. This is the curviest I’ve ever been and it’s work to accept it. I mean, I love what I see, but it is coming with much adjustment. Clothes for differently, some don’t fit at all. I’m more conscious of myself and take measures to downplay certain areas because I’m not 100% in presenting it properly just yet. Work in progress. It’s interesting because it’s like things changed over night. I heard a friend say she’s developed her “grown woman body” and I like to think the same has/is happening for me. 

When I pause and remember I’m 22, because I definitely have to remind myself how young I am often, I realize I have lots of growing to do. In more ways than just the physical, I’m barely hitting the precipice of life. At this age, I am forming into the next version of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Of course that’s easier to write and not what one may say when the jeans just won’t come up their thighs any further, but it’s good to take note of. Too often, I feel we get comfortable at a certain level in our life and then become sad when things aren’t copacetic, not realizing that the change is good. Growth is good. 

I say this from the perspective of a young adult woman who is experiencing natural bodily growth. Its 100% natural and something that everyone is going to experience. It looks different for everyone and benefits us in more ways that we know - unless you’re into health and just have all the info! Boobs get bigger (and may sag), hips get wider (beneficial for birthing children), and stomachs may round out a tad (kudos to you for enjoying good food). All of these things affects every single woman (and man!) you see, again, all in different ways. 

Not to preach to the choir. But love yourself. Remember what I said in this post...despite not looking the way you want to at this moment, you still need to love yourself. 

Photos via Bluufox Studios

Outfit Deets
Shirt: Gap | Bra: Calvin Klein | Shorts: Wild and Fable | Shoes: Nike 

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