The Body Post

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

Song of Songs 4:7

I’m excited to be bringing one of my favorite posts to do! Here, I’ll be in a swimsuit and talking about my body, but not in an annoyingly vain way - no, I’ll be talking about how I love my body despite its imperfections and stress why you should do the same!

Now, for reference and true transparency, I’m going to share my stats. I’m 5’3, between 140-146 pounds, and I hold most of my weight below the belt. I have stretch marks and a little bit of cellulite. By national health standards, I’m considered overweight and by cultural standards, I’m a snack. Nevertheless, neither of those definitions mean much to me. 
After having this body for the last 22 years, I’ve seen it change a lot. There have been times I wanted something bigger and a few times I wanted, and currently want, somethings to be smaller. It’s natural to want things to change if they’re not 100% what you want them to be, but there is a factor of contentment that needs to be present no matter where you currently are.

I think that far too often, the comparison game starts and it gets us away from truly honoring ourselves and bodies for what they do. If you seriously think about it, God has given you a body that carries you every.single.day. Sure, your legs may have spots, your tummy may have a few extra inches, and/or you maybe getting stretch marks for the first time ever. Whatever the case may be, I promise you are still fire and your body still deserves love. 
Going spiritual, our bodies are temples. The primary definition of a temple is a building for religious practice, but there another that defines it as a place devoted to a special purpose. If we adapt the way we think of our body to seeing it as a place devoted to a special purpose, it is my belief we would appreciate them differently. We’d see there are no mistakes from what’s natural, that God was truthful in calling us “wonderfully made”.  

My point extends to those who don’t love what they see in the mirror. I am human and I get it that sometimes you just feel unhappy with what you see, but being unhappy, doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself despiteDespite the sickness, despite the unhealthy weight, despite any and everything you pick apart when you stand in the mirror, love has to be a feeling your body has felt for a happier time in it. It’s okay to make changes, but let them be what you genuinely want and not what society is pushing. It’s okay to want to healthier, but until you get there appreciate where you’ve been and where your body can take you. 

Photography by Bluufox Studios 

Swimsuit: Zara | Hat: Target (Similar) | Sunglasses: HM x Anna Dello Russo


  1. “by cultural standards, I’m a snack.“ lol I like that!

  2. Love your post sis! So real so true and girlllll you wearing that swimsuit!

    1. Thank you so much! I try my best to be as real as possible!


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