The Beauty Trials: Be Transcendent

I haven’t discussed skin on here in a minute and truthfully, it’s because I’ve been pretty consistently inconsistent with what I use. I’ve been trying African black soap to see what that would do and while it was okay, it’s not what I need. I’m making the conscious decision to incorporate more natural products, which is wonderful for the brand I’ll be sharing today. 

For 2 weeks, I limited my skincare routine to the Be Transcendent Glow Full regimen and will be detailing my thoughts and product info below. 

First, let me give a run down of the products. There are four steps that correlate with a traditional skincare routine: Cleanser, Toner, Daytime Moisturizer, and Nighttime Serum. All are 100% plant based and naturally created for your specific skin type, so each batch is a bit different. I received products that are for normal to dry skin. 

My initial thought with the products were that they smelled amazing. Literally. The cleanser has a natural smell that I love to inhale when cleaning that just put me in a good mood. I’ve never really used bad smelling products, but using something that smelled so good really was noticeable. Of all the products, this is the most potent and best smelling one.

In terms of application, everything is pretty standard. The cleanser foams a bit, which I like. It doesn’t leave your skin dry and feels quite nice once washed off. The toner was my least favorite, as it had a bit of a sting to it that I just couldn’t get with [Editor’s Note: I have an allergy to rose and it is an ingredient used. The stinging was an allergic reaction and has no relation to the products actual use]. The moisturizer and serum both are luxurious when applied, but the moisturizer provides a longer moisture that I lived for. 

Now my thoughts after using Be Transcendent for two weeks would be...

I think this system has benefits if you want a glow. I felt my skin was a bit more radiant after using the moisturizer daily, which is what I live for (a good moisturizer), but that was the big highlight. The products do their job, and not much else, but that’s not a bad thing honestly. I think we sometimes over complicate skincare, so it’s really refreshing to find products that provide exactly what you need! 

Check out their website and instagram to get your own glow going! 

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