Spring Cleaning

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”

Joshua 15:2

Yesterday was the spring equinox and I’m so thankful to be in the season of spring! Winter is my favorite season, but it had its moment and I was truthfully ready for its departure. A girl can only serve up so many sweater and boot looks before she needs something fresh.

Enter in the season of mules, dresses and skirts (sans tights), and some more skin. 

I was in the midst of working on something for you guys, when I had an overly deep thought about how my blog and business are growing and getting better, simultaneously as the seasons do. Note: we're only going up from here,  but do note summer is the worst. There, I said it. And from there, I decided to center today’s post around how as we grow as people, we have to do a bit of cleaning to make sure growth is consistent.  

I've said this before, but I like to think of us all as flowers. Seeds were dropped and us growing, is us blooming. We may have a few harsh conditions here and there, we may have to "repot" to different locations for better growth, but bloom we must. It is imperative that we do our best to bloom to the best of our abilities in order to bless the world - because you are a blessing to the world - with our gifts. 

This season, I'm helping my blooming by investing in my advertising, taking chances, and forming a routine to catalyze my creative juices. Gone are the days of waiting for inspiration to hit me, I'm going after it every day now. For what I want this blog to grow into, it is imperative that I give it more than what I've been doing. The habits of procrastination and not taking things seriously are no longer welcomed. Those and a few others had to get cut off.

My cleaning looks different than yours. Because we are two different people, with different goals, it should be different. Nonetheless, I want to encourage you to put your best foot forward this season and try to make a change that will serve you for the better. I challenge you to prune the good that you do and cut off anything, or anyone, that hinders you from blooming as beautifully as possible. 

Outfit Deets
Bodysuit: H&M | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Zara (A STEAL)| Phone Case: The Daily Edited

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