Who knew that a flower would grow

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes to poverty.”
Proverbs 21:5
Long time no see...well post actually!

I took some time off from #SydatCity for a little over a week and it was such an amazing decision. I’ve read some, planned a lot, and lived as just Sydney. A lot was done leisurely, but majority was done for the blog in the grand scheme of things. When I take care of me and allow myself to have time to be my best, everything I produce will come from a better version of myself. The benefits of self-care! Nonetheless, because I tend to overshare,  I wanted to let y’all know what drove me to understand I need a break and what I did in the meantime.
It all started with Instagram. As my most used social media platform, I’m on there constantly and that’s probably issue number one. Being on there so often allows me to be consumed with so much creativity, it’s kinda od. I was seeing so much amazing content, cool story templates, well organized feeds, and lots of quality work, which was nice, but also a bit discouraging.

It made me look at what I was producing and measure it up against others. This sounds like the comparison game, but I saw it more as a reality check because I knew I wasn’t giving it my best. That’s one thing I will say was a plus, I knew I needed to up my game because I saw that I wasn’t putting my best foot forward. Thanks to cool girls who were bringing it, I was able to take a look at my work and identify areas I felt unsure of;  My branding was a bit all over the place and I often time felt my self committing a content creator no-no: I was posting just to post.

There was no serious structure and I didn’t like that. So instead of unfollowing everyone, I decided to step back and regroup. I wanted to realign with my relaunch from the beginning of the year going forward. I now have plans and ideas and I’m so excited to up my presence BIG TIMEI’ve also made the decision to allow my why to be a big focal point of my brand. As someone who believes in signs, I got too many about people identifying their why to ignore. 

My why:
To encourage people to chase their dreams. To connect people to God so that they may accept His love for them and walk as their best selves. To advocate for inclusion and diversity within the fashion and beauty industry. To support minority women in the realms of art, education, and entrepreneurship.

I want it to be evident what I stand for when people read my blog, look at my pictures ( READ the captions), as well as meet me. I feel that as of lately, I’ve blogged somewhat on autopilot- with the exception of my latest piece, which I LOVED writing- and that doesn’t serve my purpose at all. In taking some time off, I feel that I’ve done a lot of mental work in remembering what I want out of their whole blogging journey. I want to end with the reminder that its okay to feel stuck or unsure, as long as you keep allowing yourself to bloom, it'll all work out. 

Dress + Shoes: Zara | Sunglasses: Quay x DESI

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