Ways I care for myself

If you maintain any type of awareness with pop culture today, one trend that I'm sure you've seen is self care. It has been the hot topic of recent months that everyone has been promoting and sharing their two cents. From magazines to insta-celebs, self care has gained a seat as the one thing we all should be discussing and learning about to be our best selves. In closing the month, it is only right we discuss America's fave trend relating to self. 

While there are the people who correlate self care with fizzy baths, red wine, and a night of Netflix, there is a whole other side of the spectrum. Centering self, slowing down to take account of where you are now, and even doing a sugar detox to help your body feel better are just someways others take care. I don't think one side is better, but I do think that the hard heavy work produces longer lasting results and will make you feel better internally. 

Without you asking, I want to share some tips on self care and what works for me! 

Prayer + Meditation
I pray every single day because I enjoy giving God thanks and just talking to Him. I find peace of mind verbalizing my feelings and conversing with the one who put me here on this earth. It comforts me and provides me with guidance. I oftentimes start my meditation sessions with giving thanks for everything I can think of at the time because when I meditate, I like to use it as a time for God to speak to me as He sees fit. A quiet time for me and my mind to just embrace my heartbeat and listen for the voice of my Father. 

Change Your Diet 
This one is a bit wishy-washy in my opinion because I change my diet for fun a lot, but it's usually done with a healthier substitution. I will only drink water, remove sweets, cut out certain meats, or something of the sort to challenge myself both physically and mentally. In doing so, my body generally has good results such as more energy or a less blah feeling. 

One of my favorite things to do is journal! I love, love, love to talk, but everything isn't always meant to be said. Nonetheless, I'm always able to write in my journal my feelings and thoughts on various topics. I actually have three journals I use interchangeably depending on the topic and its so emotionally comforting. I was originally not a fan of journaling, but once I really had things to write about, I couldn't put the pen down! 

Embrace Solitude 
This has come to be a practice that I found only a year ago. I was alone in Dallas because my friends were still in school or in Houston, so I had to do things by myself. I'm a social person, so it was initially uncomfortable, but as I continued to do it, I got more comfortable with myself. I list this a self care tip because its in those moments you're alone that you learn the most about yourself. You're able to learn your real feelings and thoughts toward things and/or do work on issues you have. 

Speak Your Truth 
My favorite tip to give to speak your truth. We each have differing perspectives on this planet about everything. No matter what you are made to believe, your truth/opinion/viewpoint matters because you matter. When I say speak your truth, I relate that to living authentically. A life lived honestly helps things feel better. You're able to assess and feel and live through things in a way that provides a better reality for you due to you being honest with yourself.  It's okay to open your mouth about things because if they affect you, have a right to express your feelings. 

These are just a few tips that I have for self-care and I know that there are tons more. We're all different, so different forms of care work better for others. I hope you'll be willing to try out one of these and if they do work out, let me know! 

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