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First look of the year and we're- as in me- are keeping things simple and true to my style. If you're new here, please know that one of my top three wardrobe staples would be a white button down. Tailored, boyfriend, blogger tuck, untucked,  you literally have so many options of ways to wear this iconic shirt. I'm literally wearing one underneath a sweatshirt as I type this. I was gifted this fun silver-flecked one and it's a fun twist on a classic style. 
In being true to self (read here and here), I pulled out a few recent buys to get this complete look. I'm more of a silver girl, which I'm sure you can tell, and I love a good leather jacket. Leave it to Michael Kors to come up with a fix for a girl like me. I'm literally OBSESSED with this jacket because its so versatile and attention grabbing. I enjoy standing out without having to do much and a metallic silver leather jacket lets you do just that. 

I had a vision for this shoot and I'm happy with how things turned out! Since I'm writing my thoughts about Self this month, my plan was to capture me in some of my most favorite things or doing some of my favorite things. Here, I'm wearing a lot of my favorite pieces while enjoying a burger, lol. Pretty simple, but significant. I'm a sucker for a good burger and REALLY appreciated getting to chow down while shooting! 
Shirt: Gap (Similar Below) | Leather Jacket: Michael Kors | Jeans: Gap (Similar Below) | Shoes: Steve Madden | Clutch: Gap (Similar Below)  | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Fun News!!  I have recently joined ShopStyle Collective so it will be SO much easier to shop my looks! I'll be linking ALL pieces that I have on and showcasing similar items for the things that are no longer available! It makes shopping SO much easier :)  Also, know that with the affiliate links, I will receive a small percentage of sales, but I promise to not link anything I wouldn't buy myself! #IPromise

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