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Welcome back to our second entry into the self series. I think we got off to a good start with covering self-love and it's my hope that it triggered something in someone to think about how they honor themselves. I don't know if you can tell, but I really do care about everyone's well being.

After self-love, the topic of self respect HAS to come next. I'm a firm believer that if you love something, you should respect it (even though I'm one of the "respect is a given" types). This goes for people, places, and things, with BIG emphasis on people. For me, self-respect is the acceptance and higher regard of self. By loving myself first, I  then accept myself as I am and I set standards for myself.

The standards set are always to honor and respect who you are as a person. They aren't necessarily strict rules for others, or yourself, to abide by, but more of a guideline of what's deemed acceptable to life. A personal example would be my dislike for the "B word". I personally don't use it and I make it known that I don't like to be called that, no matter how casual its meant to be. That's a standard I've set for myself and don't budge on. Again, its a personal example, but just something I wanted to use to illustrate how we get to pick and choose what can and cant honor us.

Oftentimes, self-respect is mentioned most in regards to romantic relationships, but it shouldn't stop there. I was reading an article that penned self-respect in terms of achievements that said it's "We like ourselves because of who we are and not because of what we can or cannot do." I thought this was interesting because I know that for many, standards equate to worth and that worth can come from capabilities. Because I can't do xyz, I cant have 123. It's easy to see how this is big in relationships and causes most to settle, but it doesn't have to be like this - in any area of life. 
We like ourselves because of who we are and not because of what we can or cannot do.
From my personal experience, you gain self-respect from either experiencing something that completely disrespects you or from having a natural sense of worth. I've gotten to my level of respect via both and I think they each can be a good teacher. Life isn't always fair, but when the decision is made to what you will and wont accept out of it is made, things change for the better. Every choice made is a reflection of what we deem worthy to us. And I find that worth is all tied back to how much we in turn respect ourselves. 

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