I love myself and why you should be doing the same

Happy New Year guys! 

I hope y'all have been enjoying all 2019 has been blessing you with. Yes, I'm aware we're literally hours in, but big things can pop off in a second! I'm claiming this year as one for the books for everyone because 1. we all deserve to win and 2. I care about y'all and want you guys to be happy! 

I'm so happy the days are falling like they are because THIS post is needed today! I have decided to theme most months this year and have correlating topics to discuss month long. For the inaugural theme, I wanted to start the year with something that is very important and worthwhile to anyone that may come across Syd and the City, and concluded I would start with self this month.  

"January is deemed the month of self because it all starts with you."   

I thought it would be smart to start with self love this week because if were going to start with self, we should first look at how we love our self since that trickles down into every other area of our lives. According to Merriam-Webster, Self-Love is defined as love of self and regards for one's own happiness or advantage. I respect both of these definitions because they adhere to my personal opinion of what self love is - loving and accepting yourself enough to care for your own happiness. I want to point out now that everyone has their own definition of self love and as long as its something you personally resonate with, its fine. I just want to talk about its importance and why you need it. 

As mentioned before, how we love ourselves trickles down into every other aspect of our lives. It's so important to set the tone with yourself in order to set the tone for others. What we allow is reflective of what we deem acceptable. I use to not agree with that, because of outside variables, but it's pretty true when you think about it. A person can't treat me any kind of way because I have a standard for what is and isn't okay based on my self respect, which comes from my self love. More on self respect later, so don't expect us to dive deeper on that right now. 

"It's so important to set the tone with yourself in order to set the tone for others"
The beauty of loving yourself properly is that it helps create a better and happier version of you. To put your needs first and treat yourself loving isn't always easy, but it is necessary. We will all hit a point in our lives where we have to do what's best for us and that in turn helps us be our best. And I want to let you know now that it is okay to make your needs a priority. You have to make your needs a priority in order to meet them and not settle.

There is beauty is having a genuine love for yourself. It changes the way you act to not only yourself, but others. I have the belief that when we are doing our best to love ourselves the best, we can be of service and love others better. Self love is an inward job that is personally beneficial, but when one has done the work properly, they radiate such positive energy for everyone else.


  1. Self love will take us so many places and removes so many things from our life, that doesn’t allow us to grow. Happy Mew Year!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! It a blessing that keeps on giving! Happy New Year too!


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