Bonding with Berkshire

We are slowly moving along 2019 and I'm in such a sweet mood as we progress into one of my favorite months. Aside from Black History Month, February holds the loveliest days of the year aka Valentine's Day! 

In true Sydney fashion, I am very excited! I have no plans what so ever, but I do have some looks in mind that I may wear.

Berkshire is a classic brand that has been around long enough for my grandmother to know of. It was actually through her and my mother that I even became familiar with them when I was a young child. I remember they were the hosiery of choice when it came time to go o church or any occasion where leg wear was appropriate. NOTE: I find leg wear appropriate all of the time.
Aside from wearing them on special occasions, I have incorporated the stylish leg wear into everyday wear. Being a pretty feminine dresser, I absolute adore the look of tights with dresses and skirts. They even have socks that add a little flair subtly. You can pretty much find balance of both quality and style - the ideal combo for any accessory. 

I'm happy to have been able to build a relationship with the brand on my own basis. Syd and the City has worked with them a few times in terms of them being ind enough to send me a few styles to up my looks. NOW, I am working with them to bring one of YOU some of their beloved hosiery! 
 On February 1st, I will be hosting a competition on my Instagram and Facebook for a lucky person to win TWO pair of Berkshire hosiery! All details will go live on Friday at 1pm, so be sure to look out and good luck! 

Photography by Bluufox
Hosiery provided by Berkshire

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