The S is for Santa

I have realized that as I love shooting holiday content, it is H A R D. I try to find really cool places, but the struggle is the crowds! All of the most festive spots are known and its so funny when we go to shoot and kinda wait for our "turn". We witnessed the cutest little family getting Christmas pictures during this look and spent a nice time, taking turns at some key points in the shop!
There is the most festive coffee shop in Dallas that I had to get to! I missed this location last year and was determined to spend some time and shoot here this year! I went with Chance and a friend and the Christmas theme is heavy! There's logs, pine cones, Christmas trees, and more! If the holiday time is your fave and you want to get some work done while enjoying a festive drink, be sure to check out Fiction Coffee
Sweater: Old Navy | Button Down: Levi's | Jeans: Levi's | Boots: Ugg
Photography by Bluufox Photography 

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