Kindness and Why its so important this holiday season

Kindness. I’ve previously written about kindness many moons ago, but here I am, talking about it once again. As I indulged in our Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, I had a brief moment where I thought about the people unable to eat, unable to be with friends and/or family, and I had a dual emotional force overcome me. Part of me was ever so grateful that God blessed me with family and friends that I embrace and feel valued by, but I was also sad that some people aren’t able to experience that for whatever reason.  

As I get older, I have become more conscious of the affect holidays can have on people. Everyone doesn’t get to eat till they’re beyond full, laugh and cuddle up with love ones, or even something simple as just relaxing on such a jovial day. I recently read this article on how volunteers came together to provide the survivors of the California wildfires a Thanksgiving meal. It brought tears to my eyes as I looked at these images of strangers extending kindness to people who needed it. Especially during this time of the year, aka the holiday season.
There have been several studies that note that the holiday season can serve as a trigger for depression, stress, and anxiety. Many people always correlate those emotions due to all the hustle and bustle, but think of how one may feel if they don’t have anyone to enjoy this time with or don't feel happy with where they are in life because they afford to treat anyone this season. As an empath, it’s easy for me to understand their frustration and I genuinely get sad.

I don’t have the answers to fix these issues, but I do have some ideas of what people who are in high spirits can do to extend some kindness to others…
  • Check on Your Friends and Family: sounds easy, but it's often overlooked because we assume everything is fine because someone is smiling. 
  • Speak to Strangers: a long conversation isn't needed, but you can say “hi” or ask how are they doing.You maybe the first person that has been kind to them in a very long time and that can bless their whole day. 
  • Be of Service: hold the door open, offer a seat, help someone in someway. Acts of service are small acts of kindness.

My little tips go beyond the holiday season, but I think that this is an optimal time to exercise some kindness. One small act can snowball into bigger acts and that is how we will get some much needed kindness into the world this holiday season.

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