How Did I Start Blogging...

This post has been a long time coming! I love when bloggers share their reasoning behind pursuing this fun industry. There are so many different reasons and it's all so inspiring as it helps readers to relate to the person behind the site a bit more. 

I started my blog September of 2017. It was a project I wanted to tackle for a very long time - since high school - because I love fashion. I was in the 10th grade when I first remember discovering fashion blogging and became obsessed with Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What. As a college student at the time, she really amazed me by being as stylish as she was/is and the fact she put herself on the internet for others to see. It was a bold move that I wanted to do too because I love talking to people and I love clothing. 

I tried to blog three times before hanging the dream up. High school was over and I found myself in Houston for college. I didn't have a camera so I was unable to blog again, but I did secure an internship with College Fashionista for the summer after my first year, so that was good. That one month internship was helpful as I look back because it taught me how to write. Following the style of writing I had to follow during school, College Fashionista allowed me to write about what I wanted (relating to fashion and beauty of course), which sharpened my skills. 

Fast forward to 2017 and I'm back at home, trying to figure out life. A sad, heart breaking event happened and I was even more hopeless in my after college struggle. It was in those trenches, I rediscovered my love for fashion blogging. It always made me happy and I really wanted to be happy, so late one night in June, I said I was going to just do it and bought a domain name. It was a few nights later that I bought my layout and started drafting all the important info needed for a blog. It was a few weeks later my photographer posted on her Twitter and said she was in town and wanted to shoot. It was all literally within two months that every single thing fell into place to allow me to publish content on Syd and the City. #Godsplan

As I look back on it, I think I started right when I was suppose to. Aside from having all the business needs together - a photographer, money to afford shoots, a way to get around, etc. - I was mentally in a place where I wanted to see a change, for myself and others. I'd become a different version of myself that wasn't as happy as I like to be, nor as fashionable. That along with from my personal love of gab and styling, I also had become someone passionate about inclusion. 

For me, blogging was an opportunity to be black and not rich, yet still show a relatable style. Personally, I didn't really see many women of color in the blogging space and I wanted to change that. I had this thought, and still do, that if I were to blog, some other girl may see it and do it herself. It then would create a cycle of girls, hopefully of color, doing something they usually wouldn't do and it would bring more people into this arena that is often seen as difficult to get into.

Like I mentioned before, I had the idea to blog because I love fashion. I love a well dressed person and really love getting in their head to know what inspired them to look so good.  And although it took longer than I anticipated, I'm here. I'm growing Syd and the City, day by day, and it's amazing. I get to write about things that pique my interest, style clothes that I own, and try new things for the sake of sharing! It's also a blessing to know that whether I become uber popular or not, I can hopefully show another girl of color that she too can do it.  

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