Being a fashion blogger and NOT buying new clothes

After blogging for one year, I want to talk about something that I get asked about frequently - How often do I buy clothes? 
In short, I don't buy anything to blog in. Throughout the years, I have built a wardrobe that has stood the test of time by allowing me not have to buy so much. The phrase "quality over quantity" is so true when it comes to the pieces you add to your wardrobe. Spending just a bit more for a good quality shirt or pant has saved some coins in the long run by not having to buy more to replace them. 
If you pay attention, a lot of the clothes I wear come from the same place and it's because I've found my staple stores for quality pieces that are in line with my budget. Lucky for me, these places came into my life early on, around high school for most, and I just rotate things out. This jumpsuit in particular was bought years ago, but because of some personal reason, I never got around to wearing it till today. The denim is thick and durable, so I know that it'll be something that will last for a few more years. 
Jumpsuit: One Teaspoon | Boots: Gap | Purse: Louis Vuitton 
Photography via Bluufox Photography

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