the Beauty Trials: Natural Deodorant

It has been a minute since The Beauty Trials have taken place around here. I've been picking up a few new items to incorporate here and there, none being significant enough for me to share, except natural deodorant. 

I'm a millennial, so it shouldn't be surprising that I'm trying a trend for the health benefits. Unlike convention antiperspirant, natural deodorant is free of parabens and aluminum chloride, two big ingredients that some believe are linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer. Now, don't freak because there's no scientific evidence that connect the two, but people are a bit worried and making the switch to the natural side. 

Natural deodorant does not stop sweat since its not an antiperspirant, but instead it uses baking soda to neutralize odors. I personally don't sweat a lot, so I wasn't worried about this, but it is a big deal for some people. Since you are no longer putting certain chemicals in your system that stop sweat, a lot of people go through a detox period where you're sweating more and producing a stronger body odor smell than normal. This is typically when people call it quits and revert back to their normal routines. 

But not I! I braved the natural deodorant game for 6 weeks and I'm here to share my experience! 

I picked up Schmidt's natural deodorant in Ylang-Ylang + Calendula  at Marshall's and polled my Instagram follower's before starting. The general consensus was that natural deo didn't work, the detox period was tough, and that it just didn't work as well overall. That didn't deter me because when my mine is made up to try something, I'm going to try it. 

From day 1, I had a positive experience. I was anxious to have results of some kind, so I was literally smelling my armpits all the time. I even had my family give them a whiff for feedback from others and they too thought things were normal. I did experience a stronger than normal smell on my first day of work, which I'm sure came from nervous sweat, but it was as if the smell of the deodorant just got stronger. I do want to add that the scent I got reminded me of a candle, which I soon grew tried of, and went and bought the Rose + Vanilla stick. Again, from Marshall's at half price btw. That scent did not hold up against my body odor as well, so I had to retire it pretty quickly. 

I rarely ever felt stinky when using Schmidt's, but I did feel a little irritation. There were some days that my armpits hurt/felt uncomfortable and the only thing I could blame it on was the deodorant as I didn't change anything else in my daily regimen. I also noticed my armpits started getting darker, which was a little worrisome. What was so weird was that the actual area I place deodorant didn't get that much darker, but it was like a ring around that area started darkening. 

In conclusion...

I stopped using Schmidt's and switched back to an antiperspirant. I am slightly vain, so the darkening of the armpits ended things for me. I have done research and found out that the sensitive formula doesn't include baking soda, the culprit behind the darkening and irritation. I plan to work on getting my color back and then I will be buying the that formula just to make sure. If you don't have a big sweat issue, I totally think it's worth a shot! 


  1. when I first tried out the natural deodorant I tried nubian heritage wasn't a big fan of it but loved their body exfoliators. I ended up trying the milk and honey regular street plant based as well as made a home made exfoliator to detox my armpits loved it

    1. I read your post and I want to try it! It's just such a hit and miss according to everyone, but I definitely want to try the brand you reviewed!


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