last minute halloween makeup idea!

I am so excited for this post! Like, you don't know how happy it makes me to be able to show off the  work of a friend and possibly  help give inspo for Halloween! I really like makeup, but that's not my skill set right now, so allowing someone to use me as a canvas to show some of the art that can be made makes me incredibly happy!

Halloween is such a fun time to me, so the when the idea to do either a costume or makeup look popped in my head, I jumped on it. Although a costume is fun, I wanted to do something that people could recreate and so I went the makeup route.

I know quite a few girls who are into makeup, and since I'm all about #girlpower, I decided to ask my friend Alex if she could create a special look for me! She's a self taught MUA, who started dabbling in the art during high school. She has a passion for animals by day, but come night, she's all into transforming faces for the perfect look! I mean, her can't live with our product is highlighter, which should let you know she has a certain type of sparkle to her! 

Steps to get your spooky on: 

1. Prime your face with Becca primer
2. Color Correct with La Pro Girl Concealer 
3. Apply foundation 
4. Highlight with Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Caramel
5. Contour with Black Opal Foundation Stick 
6. BLEND contour 

7. Set face with a mixture of Laura Mercier translucent powder and Maybelline Fit Me loose powder - set by pressing in immediately. Don't bake
8. Set contour with Anastasia Beverly Hill's contour powder kit 
9. Outline eyebrows with Nyx and fill in the tail with Anastasia Beverly Hill's dip brow 
10. Clean your brows, bottom only, with Anstasia Beverly Hill's concealer and blend it down to your eyelids
11.Repeat step 7 on eyelids

12. Apply eye shadow: 1-3 in the crease, 4 in inner corner, 5 in inner corner 
13. Prep eyelashes
14. Set eyebrows using Elf eyebrow gel 
15. Apply blush with Nyx ombre blush in Nude to Me
16. Apply eyelashes 
17. Apply eye shadow using 5 with 3 close to the waterline
18. Line the water line using Nyx eyeliner in white
19. Apply shadow color 5 in inner eye 
20. Highlight with Anastasia Beverly Hill's Rivera illuminator 
21. Set face with Iconic Water Mist Glow 
22. Blend with Ruby Kisses mineral powder
23. Apply Nyx liquid Suede in foul mouth 

And BOO! The inspiration behind this look was a bit of Beetlejuice, which is amazing because it's a classic. 
 And I know it may seem like a lot of steps, but do know that I was super detailed in the instructions to make it as user friendly as possible! Alex was able to get my face done in less than 1 hour, which isn't that long if you're going for such a detailed look. I was literally so obsessed that I didn't want to take my face off! 
Happy Halloween! 

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