In October...

We Wear Pink!
October has come around pretty quickly and if you're a long time SydATCity reader, you know that means...Pink is the color of the month! I will be giving you a dose of the color twice a month this year with my outfits in order to bring awareness and show my support for those battling Breast Cancer.
As some may know, I started a new job. It's still in retail, but its sport's retail and that came with a whole new dress code. I work at a golf club, so our attire is "country club causal", but we all dress pretty business causal on the regular. Emphasis on the causal. It's fun to get to wear my own clothes, but I do try and add a bit more business to the causal on most days by wearing a collared shirt. 
The suit pants and cropped button down are a hit for me because it's all fun and not too stuffy. Now generally speaking, I do love a good suited look, but when I separated the pants from the blazer and added this top, things became more lighthearted in my opinion. If I'm being honest, my pants are a bit fitted for the workplace,#gains, but the color would be a nice pop of pink in October with a long shirt!

I'm a loafer/oxford girl when it comes to business shoes because flats typically hurt my feet and are a bit boring. These Sam Eledman oxfords are a fave of mine because there are the perfect mix of classic and unconventional style - a structured shoe in metallic silver with studs. I love how it allowed me to flow the silver throughout the whole outfit and provide some fun with such a traditional shoe. 

Top: Forever 21 | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Sam Eledman | Jewelry: SimplyBe | Purse: Michael Kors
Photography via Bluufox Photography 

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