There is beauty in the journey of life. I'm literally sitting at work typing this becauee I jsut read an Instagram post that spoke on how our bags have been "secured" since before the ends of the earth was decided on. That sentence alone made me think on how blessed and loved we are.

My spirituality is no secret and as I pause and take in a sentence like that, I am in aw of my God and how He has set me up. I have a light in me that comes from Him and I set afire anything I want, positively of course, and all I have to do it decide. Making the conscious effort to go after what I want, be who I want to be, and live how I think would best affect the world. It all starts with my choice to simply begin.

It's crazy to think that WE were blessed with greatness before we even touched the earth. We were set up to be B O M B and we "ain't even know it", lol. Our bombness simply lies dormant within us until we decide we want to ignite it and go after our desires. Sure, the flame may blaze bright at times and seem to barely hold a spark at others, but we have the power to reignite it over and over, for as long as we choose.

The journey we're on is based on our decisions. We are affected by certain outside factors, yes, but our we still have the power to decide to keep going. Going forward is the only way to get to our end goal and God's bag that He's holding for each of us.

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