Fringe for Fall

It's been a long time coming, but here I am, all ready for fall. You'd think I would've been busting the looks out from day one, but the weather wouldn't let me be great. nonetheless, we are here and we're here to stay. 
Now its not freezing, so a good turtleneck will take you far. I know the oversize sweaters are all the rage right now, but a good turtleneck is a staple! I love black, but recently like the way browns and nudes compliment my skin. When pairing this vest, which is amazing, I knew my top needed to be simple, yet significant. I think the turtleneck allows for the attention to be on the vest and me! 

The raw-edge hem jean trend is going to live on for a long time. Mark my words with that and even if it dies tomorrow, I'll still wear them because they're so cute and flattering. I will admit that being short makes it somewhat hard to find ones that hit right, but even if the length is a little long, its still a look. 

I went fringe crazy with my booties and my necklace. Again, I didn't want o do TOO much, so I just did a fringed gold and turquoise necklace. Aside from plain gold, turquoise is the perfect stone for this color rust. It adds something, but not too much. 

Top: Macy's | Jeans: Zara | Vest: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden | Necklace: Fossil 

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