Florals for Fall. Groundbreaking

I'm no meteorologist, but I'm going to make the statement that we've hit the fall temps permanently!We've hit records low two days this week in Dallas, having days where the high was 46! That  is unheard of and has been both a blessing for us cold lovers and a curse for the people who were expecting the cold to creep in slowly. 

For my second and final look for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to be pink, but fun. Something serious, but also different, given that I want to provide inspo for pink outfits that doesn' include a sweater or coat. Insert this pink floral dress from HM. It's a high-neck number with an open back that's surprising for how covered it is, save for the slit. a little leg and back action provided the demure sexiness I love, so I felt it was perfect! 

I'm sure you're saying,love the dress Syd, but hot pink boots? Why yes! I wanted to highlight the different shades of pink in the dress via my accessories and both the shades of my earrings and boots are found in the dress! Pictures honestly don't do the print justice, but the colors found in this print are so vibrant and joyful! Wonderful for this time of the year. 
Dress: HM | Boots: I.N.C. International Concept | Earrings: SimplyBe | Sunglasses: LaneBryant 
Photography Via Bluufox Photography 
In closing, I just want to remind you guys the importance of these pink looks. Aside from having my personal appreciation for the color, pink, it is used during the month of October to honor the fight many have and have had with Breast Cancer. More than 200,000 cases are treated every year and although we can't stop every single case, we can do our part to be as preventive as possible. 
Picture Via Des Daughter 


  1. Wow, I wouldn't have expected that dress to be from H&M! Good of you to put together this cool look and raise awareness :)

    1. I know! It was such a goodie! Thank you so much for your kind comment <3


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