A texas fall

I know, I know, you're wondering where in the world are all the fall outfits I've been so excited about and talk about on my Instagram. In my defense, Texas just hit the 70's this week and we will actually get to enjoy the 60's next week! I personally like to shoot styles I'm wearing at the time and this is currently fall in Texas.

Aside from the cool days that follow our rainy days, the sun has been bright and warm. Warm as in, you may start sweating. During this shoot, my ankles literally started sweating due to the temps. Nonetheless, we're expecting a lot of cooler days and I hope to trade my shorts in for jeans. That was another option for this look, boyfriend jeans! If the weather dropped a wee bit, I would totally remix it that way and add a denim jacket! 

Top: T.J.Maxx | Shorts: T.J.Maxx | Boots: Lucky Brand | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Purse: Gap 

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