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Wow, I am truly at a loss for words to describe my feelings over ALL the September issues. First, the Beyonce rumor began surfacing and I thought it was so incredible, but it was first a rumor. Once her issue actually dropped, it was like mag after mag blew me away with who they selected to be on their cover. It wasn't until Beyonce's Vogue dropped that I was able to realize how many September issues actually held a black woman on their cover.

As a long time magazine reader, I do remember what it was like to get a new copy of my favorite publication (Glamour at the time) and love every single page. I also remember the few times I was disappointed that I couldn't relate to many of the articles because they weren't geared toward a black woman. Now the current covers aren't publications like Vogue, Glamour, Elle, and Porter saying that they are going to give my demographic the content we need and deserve. I do feel it is them recognizing our value. 

Our value as women. Our value as consumers. Our value behind the words we speak, the things we do, and the way that we do it.

These issues mean a lot for the little girls reading magazines with hopes of seeing themselves. Whether the publications know it or not, but they have helped propel our next Beyonce, Rihanna, Luputia Ndongo, Traee Ellis Ross, and Issa Rae forward. 

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