Fun Floral Maxi at Dallas Farmer's Market

Outfit Deets
Dress: Target | Shoes: Gap | Clutch: Old Navy | Sunglasses: Torrid | Jewelry: Sam Moon | Watch: DKNY

Photography Courtesy of Bluufox Photography

Hi Guys! 
How are y'all doing in this summer, oops, I meant spring heat? It feels like Earth has moved so close to the sun because it is HAWT! Call my crazy, but for this shoot, I wanted to spend some time outside at the Dallas Farmer's Market! It has been a while since I last went and so much has changed, but it was still a nice experience. They have a lot of food places and little shops that I plan on frequenting all summer!

  I found this pretty little dress, which was on clearance for literally $14.00 *inserts shocked emoji* at Target. I'm a VERY big fan of Target because you can always find something! They have something for everybody and the store is just pleasant to walk around.  I wasn't going to leave the store without this dress, and I'm glad I didn't. With the weather being so hot, I love to put on a dress and this is a fun one to wear. 

It does not have stretch, so it is pretty flattering and it has an open back that is provides a little extra. The whole time we walked around and even during the shoot, I never got hot and I think its because the fabric is so lightweight. The make of this dress is ideal for spring/summer days because it's a fun look, yet practical for the temps. 

 In true Southern fashion, I picked the turquoise in the fabric to match my jewelry with. I don't know what it is, but I love the way the stone looks against brown skin. It provided the perfect pop without doing too much. 

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