Hey guys!

I want to take a moment and be transparent about my blogging journey. As I sat, wondering if and what I should write about this week, I realized that I don't really share things with y'all that pertain to me really. I may mention something in a post that relates to the general topic, but actually going in on life updates is something I don't do. So, I’m going to take a stab at being open with y’all just to share what Syd is up to!

1. I am attempting to get more serious about blogging, BUT I feel a little stuck

I started my blog with big dreams of growth for it. I don't want it to be a hobby, for I do want to blog full time one day. It has been a little under a year and I've grown a LOT and Im incredibly thankful that God has allowed things to go this well for me. However, I feel a little stuck. I'm looking at other bloggers who motivate me and I'm trying to tap into ways to be better, without sacrificing my authenticity. I know there is no formula for blogging success, but I just feel like I'm growing at a slower rate because I haven't found that thing that works for me in terms of growth.

2. I Started meditating and I really, REALLY like it.

Spirituality is a very important part of my life. I am a believer of Christ and strive to strengthen our relationship on the daily. As a millennial, I feel that we as a whole can easily get caught up in the noise of the world and that can somewhat hinder our spiritual growth. We digest sooo much info + many opinions that subconsciously sit in our heads and make us think. Thinking is always good, but sometimes we think of things that pull us away from our paths. Bring in meditation. In an attempt to hear God more, I started meditating in order to silence my mind for a bit to give Him room to talk to me. When I’m overwhelmed, I meditate. When I need some alone time, I meditate. When I am confused, I meditate. It has been a positive step for me to align my steps with God's voice and will and I'm loving it.

3. Im craving growth

I don't know if you can tell from my previous two topics, but I've been trying to more my life forward in a positive manner. I have created an image of success + happiness for me and I want to do my part to get there. Of course, Im letting God direct me and make the needed changes, but I just want to move and see the fruits of my labor. Because things aren't happening at a exponential pace, its easy to assume nothing is happening at all, but I know that's not true. Im not a fan of stagnation, so I don't want to get comfortable in the now because I know I need growth for the best version of Sydney. That's also not to say I'm not content, because I am, I just have goals I'm chasing and I just have to keep swimming a little bit more to get them.

This was refreshing and I think a monthly update is needed. Sometimes it takes a person being honest with their journey to get some insight or show another that they aren't alone. Given the recent suicidal tragedies that have occurred, I think a little more transparency is needed right now :)

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