An Open Letter to the Graduates

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Dear Grads, 

Congratulations! I would like to let you know your internet friend from Syd and the City is so proud of y’all! You have done something that many people don't have the privilege of saying they could do. And even then, you have done something amazing on its own. You deserve to be proud and happy and to know you achieved something major…no matter what anyone may say. Good Job!!

The high of it all is probably still floating around, but as you start to come home and get pelted with tons of questions about your future, know that it is okay to not have all the answers. It is okay to not have secured a job right out of school and it is okay to be unsure what it is you want to do exactly. Life is coming F A S T and it can be overwhelming. Take a breather and have fun for the now. I like to try to plan things, but be aware that even if you make the most meticulous plan, things may not go as followed. Trust God and know that He is ordering your steps. 

Something that I really wanted to touch on is…post grad depression. It's a moment of realization that the safety net college is gone and that real life is currently happening. Its being aware that you need to secure a job to live, that you now have complete control over your life, and that you are transitioning into the real world. It can hit hard and heavy and last for a very long time, but do know that it's a light at the end of the tunnel. It always surprises me when people talk of going through it because you realize how common it is. Know you’re not alone and if you even need someone to talk to for encouragement, I’m here. That's a genuine invitation too! I’m really nice and care about the well being of others, so don't think you’re a bother :) 

Wrapping things up, I just want you to know that life will come fast, but no faster than intended. God is intentional and if a door is closed, know its for a reason. The time after graduation is beautiful and I hope you celebrate and rest as much as possible because although the real world isn’t as fun as school, life is what you make it! 

P.S. I highly recommend you chase your dreams right now. Pray about them and see if God gives you that green light! 

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