nice for what?

You know what this title is referencing, but for the few people that must live under a rock, kidding btw, it is the Drake hit that is the OFFICIAL summer banger for women. Dropped sometime during the night of April  6th, it took over social media by the 7th. The power of Champagne Papi. But let me not give him all the credit, because the song was accompanied by a video featuring SO many fabulous women and was even directed by a woman, Kareen Evans. What a time to be alive

In the first line of the song, we hear Big Freda ask “I wanna know who mutha ******* representing’ tonight” and to answer her, it's the women. The women in the video, the women behind the video, the women inspired by the video, right down to the women reading this. It is our year and I am SO happy. Four months into the year, and I’m seeing the female reign come down hard. No more being passive or accepting what were given, women are TAKING what they deserve. It's literally like they, we, are asking “Nice for what?” in regards to our attitude surrounding our goals. 

Yes, the song is about females no longer being nice to men because we have a lot to offer, but its so inspirational to me all around. This is an mindset I support wholeheartedly. I love when people come into their power and own it. It should’ve happened a long time ago, but it comes when it’s suppose to. A look through history, we see that women have done this, but maybe its because I’m older and more mature that I’m really seeing it and appreciating it. 

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