Measures of Success

"Favorable or desired outcome; also: the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence" 

Recently, I was watching Elaine Welteroth’s Instastory and she made a joke about being measuring her success by being able to make it to her flight on time. I was in an introspective period, so I wrote that down and started pondering on it. How do I measure success?

Before I could even answer, I had to ask myself another question; what is success for me? That took a while to get to a concrete answer, but it's along the lines of honoring God, myself, and achieving my goals. I can say that 2 of the 3 are things I feel I accomplish on a daily, however, the goals part is a constant work in progress. It's a catch 22 situation because I always have goals and just because I reach one doesn't take away from the fact I have a list of others.

I don't want it to sound like I never see myself as successful because I don't achieve all my goals at once. I literally celebrate and thank God for every little thing that I accomplish, but when I measure my success with where I want to be, I feel that I have a way to go. I would probably put me at a 4.8  out of 10, and I’m okay with that! It motivates me and makes me happy to look at all I’ve accomplished in that 4.8.

This was such a good question that I had to ask a few people over the week and I was pleasantly surprised with the responses. Mostly everyone’s view of success was selfless and dealt with being able to provide for others. I loved that. I resonate with it because I personally feel that the best success is when we can provide for others in some capacity and I also want to sing Bodak Yellow one day and actually pay my mama’s bills. Word to Cardi B, lol.

I also loved that people told me that success to them is all about being able to be happy with their decisions too. I probed on this a bit and after elaborating, many just felt that even if they didn't get what they thought they wanted, if their reality made them happy, they were okay. That is beautiful to me because, life is cray cray and all the inevitable twists and turns may turn our plans upside down, but what's for us will always be there. Accepting that and moving forward positively makes the number you measure a lot less significant.

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