Training with DeAndre the Great

As I have mentioned before, I made some body goals and plans to get more into fitness. I was smaller, so I initially wanted to put on weight, however, I am now trying to tone. I always say that I have to be careful what I pray for in regards to my body cause God comes through, and come through He did! But it is now on me to come through with keeping the weight looking nice.

Earlier this week, I met with a new Dallas based trainer for an outdoor workout session. Crazy, I know. However, when approached with the opportunity, I thought it would be both a new challenge and good content! Working out outside was something I haven’t done since high school, and I've never done while being put through a series of drills, so I gladly accepted the offer.

The trainer was DeAndre of DeAndre the Great, and I was very pleased with our routine. We focused heavily on my lower body and I swear I honestly enjoyed it. The days after are another story. As a beginner, I was slightly nervous that he'd be super intense, but he wasn't. We discussed that and it made me comfortable to know that he understood everyone wasn't at his level and the workouts had to be tailored for those working out. We did various exercises from hip raises to stair lunges to some football drills (he used to play in college) and although I didn't feel worn out afterward, I felt my muscles actively engaged. I felt like I worked out but didn't wear myself out. 
DeAndre is a recent Dallas transplant who is currently building his clientele if you're looking to get fit! He is degreed in exercise science and holds certification in personal training from the National Association of Sports Medicine. He’s legit. If youre trying to et up in the gym (or field), be sure to contact him via his website deandrethegreat.com or his Instagram!

Good Luck and Stay Fit

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