One week down and three to go…time is moving fast. So far, I’ve attended 1 semi-formal event, 2 business meetings, and 2 photo shoots where I was a bit self conscious at each. That was expected, so it didn't surprise me, however I didn't let it hold me back completely. I wore the appropriate clothes to each, but didn't go out of my way to “bring it”.

I’m finding myself toning things down a bit since my face isn’t allowed to be done up. I was talking to my photographer the other day and expressed how I’m drawing to more downplayed looks because I feel it's a waste to dress up and not doll up. Of course she rejected this idea of thinking, but at this point of my challenge it's the truth. Some outfits really are enhanced with a red lip, but I’m not one for a popping lip and completely bare face.

Im dying at the fact this is on the World Wide Web lol! 
Looking at my skin, I can say I’ve seen improvement since I began using the natural products! There have been less small random bumps, however I have noticed some blackheads. I think that comes from the oil I’m using and the fact I’m not washing with something a bit more abrasive. To combat this, I went ahead and did my first coffee scrub and started using my Foreo Luna with the honey. I might purchase a small brush with bristles to try and give it a little more oomph!

The coffee scrub was pleasant and left me surprised. Once it was complete, I didn't think it did much, but I woke up to incredibly smooth skin! Aside from being easy to make, it felt good on my skin. I really felt as if I was helping it out by finally exfoliating, plus I love the smell of coffee.

In all, I think things are looking good skin wise, but I have to work on being a bit more comfortable when out. I do wonder if people notice my bare face, but I’m sure they think nothing of it if they do. I’ve actually gotten more compliments that I feel come from being “fresh faced”. It's such a catch twenty-two for me. 

Oh, I also changed the regimen up a bit! I use honey, rose petal witch hazel, and rose hip oil morning and night. I had issues with getting the Aloe Vera plant, because yes, I needed the plant and not the gel from the store, and didn't want to make the rosewater. Everything is still 100% natural, so challenge is still going strong!

Check back on Wednesday for the next update!

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