FreshFaceChallenge: Week 4

Three more days and the #FreshFaceChallenge will officially be coming to an end! I am truthfully excited, as I’m ready to doll it up a bit! Breaking things into sections, I'm going to give a final overview of how things went and my final thoughts on this natural skincare move.

My skin has had its great days, as well as its ehh days. The honey was amazing, the rosehip was cool, and the rose toner was a no go. I don't know, but mid-way through, I started having a weird reation to either the toner or oil and went between the two before cutting the toner out completely. The oil gave me slightly irritated skin on some nights, so I slowed down on that and brought in the Osea Undaria Algae Oil, which I talked about on Facebook and Instagram.
I wanted to end with a bang, so I bought an Aloe Vera plant, but I'm 87% sure I have a small allergy to that because my face was itching! I tried it 3 times and got the same results, although my skin did look better the next day after using it. I have heard so many good things about it that I was ready to elevate what I was doing, but it just wasn't for me. I'm considering trying tea tree oil later. 

I never thought much about my confidence going into the challenge, but I definitely noticed it depleted some once I started. I come from a “put together” family, so most of the women commented how I was going to work, shoots, or events without anything and it made me slightly self conscious. The thought of leaving the house without eyeliner almost killed my mother…seriously.
Personally, I just felt a bit reserved. I didn't do things to draw attention to myself and didn't feel as powerful as I normally do. Yes, I feel powerful on a regular basis. I think it's because I have an image of a powerful lady in my head and she wear makeup. Not necessarily a full face or anything, but she does do a little something and because I wasn't doing that, I wasn't embodying her.

I’m happy I did this. I don't do a lot with makeup normally, but it was interesting to be 100% bare everyday. It's nothing I personally want to do on a regular because it's not who I am, but I’m glad I learned a bit about my skin. It is more sensitive than I thought so I plan to go back to using Kiehl’s for my day/nighttime moisturizer and night time cleanser, but honey is staying for morning use. While all the ingredients didn't work for me, I've heard a few people who picked up some say that their skin loves them! Everyone is different, so it's really a game of try and fail, so don't be scared to try anything in fear of my exact results! 

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