Fresh Face Friday

I spent February doing a saving challenge put on by Janée Barbre that was super fun! She basically challenged a few girls to not spend money on unnecessary things in February…which basically means no shopping. It was interestingly easy, but I won't lie and say I didn't shop! I had a bad day and just needed a pick me up, so I bought two things, but that's pretty good for the whole month.

This led me to want to challenge myself a bit more and here’s the deal I came up with; for the whole month of March, I, Sydney Sanders, will NOT be wearing makeup. I will also only use 100% natural products for a daily and nightly skincare routine in order to see if I can improve the quality of my skin naturally. My regime will consist of:

Cleanse with RAW+UNFILTERED Honey
Tone with Rose water + Vinegar 
Moisturize with Aloe Vera Gel from PLANT

Cleanse with RAW+UNFILTERED Honey
Tone with Rose Water
Moisturize with Rosehip Oil

Exfoliate with Coffee Beans + Brown Sugar + Rose Hip Oil

Okay, you may be asking why and it's solely to try to get my skin in the best condition possible. I enjoy wearing makeup, but I’m not a makeup everyday kind of girl and I want my skin to look its best without any additional product. I’ve read multiple articles talking about the benefits of every product I’m using, so I’m going to combine them all and take you guys along with me as I put them to the test.

Be prepared for an updated post every Friday, but catch irl happening on my Instastories

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