#FeshFaceChallenge Week 2

Hey Guys!

I'm Coming back sooner than Friday due to my new posting schedule! Wednesday is now beauty day, so I’m going to bring my latest update for my #FreshFaceChallenge.

In regards to my skin, I’m at a weird spot. My skin is pretty even throughout most of my face, but the areas under my eyes are looking interesting. It looks as if I have a slight breakout, but it's smooth. I’m not sure what it is coming from. I didn't have this issue my first days using just honey and moisturizer, so I’m now alternating between my toner and moisturizer- as I’ll use only honey and moisturizer during the day and just tone at night. I haven’t had enough days to really see it make a big difference, but I do believe it helped.

On my Instagram, I added my coffee scrub to my beauty highlight, but I'll share the recipe below. I went to workout the other day and decided to exfoliate afterwards and my skin was singing! It was so polished and soft, I was in love! I do think I’m going to incorporate the scrub a bit more because it does make a difference in regards to my black/white heads.

Coffee Scrub
1-2 Tbsp Coffee grinds
1 Tsp Brown Sugar
Rose hip (or your fave) Oil

Image Via Beauty Bar Online

Happy Scrubbing!

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