A word that has been floating in and out of my vocabulary and mental compass lately is authentic. It has been linked to my desires for myself and my platform, referring to SydATCity, as I work on figuring things out. And by things, I just mean how both are viewed and what they bring to the “table”.

I’m striving to be more authentic. While I don't think I’m someone I’m not, I do feel that I’m growing, so I had to reassess who I am to better live for this person of the now. This is something many people already probably do or should do because you can’t get elevated in life and not elevate how you live.

That’s like a beautiful flower starting to bloom to its full potential, but still staying in the little plastic pot it originally came in. No. It needs more room, fresh soil, and more nurturing. That's life and that's how we as humans have to do too. Sometimes to be our most authentic selves, we grow and switch pots in order to keep growing. We’re still the same flower, same petals, roots, and stem; we just have added to it – and I’m going to call that growing into our authentic selves. If we tried to bloom beautifully and stay in the same pot, are we really honoring who we’ve become?

Syd and the City wise, I want to show more of me. Yes, I tailored this blog to highlight a few areas of my life, but I want to bring in more. The lifestyle section was intentional made broad so that I can discuss anything my heart desires, however I want to do that in a way that aligns with SydATCity as well as Sydney. I’ve never been unauthentic on here, and I don't plan to start, but I have been controlled with what I deem interesting or on trend for the blog.

My blog probably has a “voice” and I don't want to take away from it, just add to. I think as I’m being more authentic with myself in reality, I should allow that to roll over on here. With growth, my voice is getting bigger and more things are becoming of interest, and I want to share it with you guys! I like being able to teach and learn with others, so hopefully something mentioned can do one of those things.

Currently, I’m talking to God about and working on a Master Plan (this is what I call any big plans/goals I set for myself lol) for being more authentic. In my life, I feel like I’m going in a good direction, but its something that needs everyday work. Blog wise, its not going to be as easy. Pretty blogging is amazing and I love it, but I want to go deeper. I want to create more conversation around more topics that Sydney identifies with. And I will. I’m confident that I wont stop trying until I get it where I want it to be, just gotta be patient and grow a little more.

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