The Pink Suit

Happy Tuesday

Getting straight to it, I love this suit. I have a thing for suits, whether on males or females, I love a good suit. If I was to ever transition into corporate America, I’ve always said I’d wear a suit on Mondays because they’re the perfect business outfit. So much power and they just make a strong statement.

For this special holiday, I thought a suit would be something different, yet cute. As I mentioned, I love the look of a suit and I think they can be versatile depending on how they’re styled. I went sans shirt to give that “sexiness” people associate with the Valentine's, but I also pinned it to keep things PG-13. LevelsThis suit is from…Zara, lol. I bought it back in high school, so its about 4 years old now, but it’s still amazing. Pink is my favorite color, so to find a suit that's this color pink is basically finding a clothes version of me.
I piled on the jewelry to allow my open chest to have something going on. I love the idea of added drama like that. I’m actually wearing a choker and a necklace just to be sure to go over the top. Since black was the choice of jewelry, I went ahead and pulled out my Louboutins. This is a “special” look, so I thought a special shoes was appropriate. I adore these heels, for they make your legs look really good when worn with dresses or skirts and the toe cleavage is so interesting.
Outfit Deets

Suit: Zara | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Necklace: Sam Moon | Choker: Sam Moon | Earrings: Macys | Purse: Vintage

Photography Courtesy of BluuFox Photography 

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  1. So lovely! I loved bed how you styled this pink suits! ����


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