The Letter Series

Hi Lovelies! 

I hope the month of February is treating y'all well and everything is is great. I don't know why or how, but I've been basking in some really good energy and I love it. Probably thanks to the recent solar eclipse, but who knows. Any who, I had the idea to do an open letter series on here for the month of February and I'm very excited to share it. As a naturally expressive person, the lovey dovey feels of the month just felt like the right time to express my love to various people! 

I also thought this would be a cute idea that others could do to possibly share some love with whomever they desired! I am personally writing these to future people, but the act of writing a letter is so thoughtful and beautiful that it can very well be done for right now! Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic, but you can write anyone a letter and I bet they'll cherish it :) 


Dear Syd,

Hey girl, hey! From 2018 to future Sydney, I hope all is going well. I pray that you're happy and all of our dreams came to fruition. Hopefully Syd and the City is still going strong, but way more poppin'! 

At 21, you are a beautiful young lady with such an awesome personality and heart. I'm proud of where you were but I'm even more proud of where you'll be. Whether you're 23, 25, or 30, I hope you continued to nurture the aspects of yourself that make you as special as you are. I hope you continued to love yourself and others wholeheartedly. I pray you continued to smile hard, be optimistic, and strive for joy in all that you do. 

No matter what season, and yes, I used that terminology despite how much you don't care for it lol, I pray that you're content. As you learned in 2018, contentment isn't bad and it should be something we strive for in our lives. It's okay to want to grow more and have more, but don't take where God has you now for granted. Whether you're engaged, married, dating, or single, do know that you can strive for all your big family of 5 with 2-3 dog dreams, but remember that God's plan >>> yours. 

In 2018, you really devoted yourself to allowing God handle your life. I hope you're still like that. I hope you still see His big picture as being way more important. Your faith now, should be stronger and I'm proud of you if it is. If its not, its okay, but work on it. God will never lead you wrong and tbh, you should know better than to not be 10 toes down for Him and His path. Also, please continue to hope in God alone and no one else. Remember that He is your rock and you need to cling to Him and Him alone, because no matter what, He will never leave or forsake you. 

I'm really proud of you girly. For all I know, life could have went exactly how you imagined, OR completely different. Nevertheless, I pray that you're happy. I'm confident in you at 21 to make decisions that will reflect who you are and your values, so hopefully, it just continued to grow with you. Never feel bad for any shortcomings and remember that everything is apart of the ""big picture". Whatever stage you're in, God is guiding you and just remember to be the light <3

Love Always, 

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