February Book Review: Song of Solomon

The book of February that I finally did relocate is titled I Am Loved by Wendy Blight. It is an inscribed, 5-week study on 1 John. I have yet to complete the whole thing, so I don't actually want to review it just yet. I do have some initial thoughts, but I rather do a review over the book as a whole verses a few pages.

Nevertheless, I am going to be reviewing something! As mentioned last month, I read the She Reads Truth devotional plans, and I felt the strongest pull toward the Song of Song a.k.a. Song of Solomon plan this month. Coincidence? I think not.

As a book I’m familiar with, I was interested to see the take on it via a devotional standpoint and I truthfully loved it. It reshaped the concept of the book for me and led me to see love between a husband and wife can very well reflect that of God and his church.

For those that don't know, Song of Solomon is a book based on the marriage of Solomon and Shulamith. It is a beautiful book that’s said to be detailing what a marriage is to look like, however there are people who take it as an allegory showing the relationship between us and God. I personally like both ideas and find that modeling your relationship with God like the book details can very well benefit your romantic relationship.

Although I’m obviously not married, what She Reads Truth was able to do was help correlate the relationship between spouses to readers in a way that helps connect the words from Song of Solomon to any relationship. The big umbrella is love for a spouse, but we can take some of the key notes and give that love to those we surround ourselves with daily.

Two big things I was able to take away from the plan would be:
1. Love requires vulnerability
2. Security flows out of devoted love, not anxious control

I understood the principle behind point 1, as to love unconditionally, we have to open ourselves to be loved. All of ourselves, the good, bad, and ugly. But point 2 hit me hard. I’m a hard lover, a very passionate lover that has let anxiety get the best of me in the past, but this idea really resonated with me. God loves us unconditionally. I don't have to anxious struggle to control what happens to get Him to love me, and the same should go for a romantic relationship. The love flows freely because it is devoted union between two people.

This study is two weeks long and is life changing. I feel that we have a lot of misconceptions about love. Its so screwed up and different than what God intended that we should take a moment to renew our minds with His version. I can say a lot about it, but aside from not wanting to give it away, I also would be writing a novel with all the goodness that came! Leaving both the website and link for the app below J

Website: http://shereadstruth.com/2017/02/13/a-song-of-love/
App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/she-reads-truth-bible-+-devotional/id892128363?mt=8

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