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Hey Guys! 

If you've been with me since the beginning, you know my relationship with working out. I generally dislike it. I'm not one for sweating and being achy, but I love the clothes! I have a nice little collection that I generally wear for my easy days. Fast forward to 2018 and I'm signing up for soooo many workout classes, putting the clothes to use and it's crazy!
I'm a naturally slim person, so I really never desired to workout. My body was more muscle than fat, so for me, I was okay with how I looked and felt. Nevertheless, things are starting changing and I want to make a difference. Within the last few months, I've noticed a decline in my weight and it truthfully bothers me. I'm the smallest I've ever been and I'm losing muscle. SN: Idk if "losing muscle" is correct, but that's what it seems like just paying attention to my body's physical appearance. 

So that has led me to look more into the fitness lifestyle. I'm taking baby steps and trying to find my groove with what I do and don't like regarding classes. Kickboxing was my latest venture and I'll be trying an Intense yoga class this week. I'm leaning that these are both "leaning" exercises, however, I really like going to classes, so I want to try as many as possible till I find my perfect fit!

Outfit Deets

Sports Bra: Victoria Secret Sport | Sport Pant: Victoria Secret Sport | Pullover: The NorthFace | Tennis Shoes: Nike | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photography Courtesy of BluuFox Photography

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