Being True to You

It blows my mind how I can work on a piece for Sunday’s post, but then I’ll be doing something totally different and non-blog related and a topic will catch my eye that makes me have to scratch everything.

This blog post is one of those topics.

With 2017 out the window, I know a lot of people love to use the New Year as a time to better themselves and try to improve by becoming this person different than who they were before. *Want to say now that I don't believe in resolutions…if you want to change something, change it.*  They'll stop doing a lot of things, for maybe two weeks, that are signature trademarks with hopes of seeing a difference in their whole life.  Now, being different in the sense of trying to better yourself in certain areas is always a good thing, but trying to do 180s leaves me a bit skeptical.

I believe that a lot of people have an eye for comparing. They look at the next person, see the success and things they have and essentially want to emulate them in order to reap the same rewards. But that’s not how it should go. You don't stop being you in order to obtain the success someone else was blessed with. You capitalize on your individuality and secure the bag with YOUR name on it.

So am I just suppose to let all these bad habits fester?

No, but you work on them slowly and continue to be who you are. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the life/dreams/goals/relationships/etc. you want. God has literally made us all different and we each have separate paths. I’m like 97% sure that your destiny is contingent upon your life. Being someone or modeling your life after someone else won’t allow your purpose to come any sooner.

I am a talker. I am a procrastinator. I can be an over thinker. I am a planner. I am a listener. I can be bossy. I am pretty lazy. All of these aren’t good, but I know that if I give up working on them and attempt to “fake it till I make it”, life gets cray cray. Trust me on that, I’ve tried it! Hello anxiety J

What are you saying Sydney?

All I’m saying is this, take life one day at a time. Have a loose plan on what you want to do and allow God to order your steps. You do not have to be like the next person to get what’s yours. Actually, being like the next person KEEPS you from what is yours. So own you and be true to you.

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