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Hi Guys!

November has came and went so fast that I feel like it was all a blur! I had fun seeing my friends from school and spending time with my family, but it all seemed to happen so fast. I'm excited that when everyone comes back for Christmas break, we get a bit more time together.
Chance and I try to look for cool places in Dallas to shoot and while in the Bishop Arts District, we ran across the cutest store. It is called Harkensback and it’s so cool. They sell clothing, vintage pieces, stones and crystals,  oils and fragrances, and local made home pieces. The overall vibe of the store was cute and a little different, but it had personality and we loved it.
For my look, I wanted to try the monochromatic trend and this was my best impression with a neutral color. My sweater is actually almost the length of the skirt, but I tucked and pulled it up to provide some slouch and go off the shoulder. A fun fact about this skirt is that I first saw it on Polyvore and that lead me to actually ordering it! I’ve worn it twice because it is big in the waist, but the sweater inside helped keep it anchored on my waist.

For those that don't follow my Instagram, I do a series on my IG Story every Wednesday called the Dressing Room Diares! After visiting Harkensback, I’ve decided I will be tailoring the series to feature cute pieces that could be gifted this upcoming season! Follow me @Sydandthecityblog to see what stores I’ll visit and to get some ideas :)

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Top: Old Navy | Skirt: HM | Shoes: Gap | Earrings: Unknown | Ring: Sam Moon | Purse: Louis Vuitton

Photography Courtesy of BluufoxPhotography

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