Capturing Confidence

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14

Every since I’ve started blogging, I find myself feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin. I have never been shy or anything, but it is kind of intimidating to have a camera in your face and then your pictures on the World Wide Web. People can be mean no cruel, and I was a bit nervous prior to actually starting.

While I have naturally thick skin when it comes to strangers, rude comments always seem to stick a little more. I find myself shifting through my edited pictures looking for the ones that I feel will give the smallest amount of space for mean things and keep the others to myself. Although I have been blessed with an incredibly nice following thus far, I know that that isn’t always the reality. In cyber space, people forget that their words can have lasting, sometimes fatal effects on others and that’s scary.

I learned a long time ago to love myself, but I can say blogging has REALLY made me love myself.  Seeing myself doing something I really enjoy on pictures and with a lot of effort has truly made me feel even more beautiful. And please don't think this is me bragging on myself or anything, but just I'm just becoming aware of how happiness affects the way we feel about ourselves. I'm saying that our confidence comes from within.

I truthfully don't have many insecurities because I have come to terms with what I have been created with. I’m thankful for it all, but let me not say this and have you to believe I don't downplay certain things. I have small lips, so I like to smile in pictures. My eyes are different sizes so, straight on shots aren’t my favorite. And my nose can just do its own thing sometimes, so I like to watch my angles. We all have things we don't just like, but I think it's important for us to love them.

God made us all so special and unique that its mind blowing. It's the fact that He decided what features we have that should make us love them more than ever because He is a man of no mistakes. Aside from societal beauty standards, it is so important to find beauty within yourself and really love who you are.

Recently, I’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures I don't post more and more because my photographer REALLY has a good eye and makes me feel good. I know that confidence can keep people from trying new things, but I REALLY think everyone should try to have their picture taken by someone else in order to see themselves in a different light. This whole experience has made me look at myself differently and I’m even more appreciative of how God made me now than I was before.

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