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I am so happy to be bringing a Sunday post to yall because lifestyle is one of my fave categories to write for! Because life is so broad, I feel this is a category that anyone can read for themselves or to see a peak into someone else’s life and thoughts.

That was one of the main reasons I started Syd and the City. I graduated college, had a few life changing events happen, and decided to share the life of a young girl that finally just decided to go for it. I have a LOT of life to live and blogging seemed like a fun way to share my adventures and what I wear while living them lol. Well, that along with the fact I LOVE bloggers and I’ve been wanting to get into blogging for years. Not even exaggerating, but it’s been a dream since I found We Wore What in like the 10th grade. It just seemed like a fun thing to do, so I took that leap of faith, put my money where my MIND was, and went for it. And here we are today!

It has been a good two months and seventeen days and I’m happy with where I am as a blogger. I am however, still figuring out how to execute the voice and image I want to come with my blog to the readers. This is something that I think is going to come with long consistent blogging, which bring me to the reasoning behind today’s post…

I want to update you guys on my plans for this blog. I want to go big with this and turn it into something completely amazing. That means, CONSISTANT posts on here, EVERYDAY posting on my Facebook page (which you should go like J ) + Instagram, and some fun little content ideas sprinkled in between everywhere.

My goal is to create content that is fun, visibly appealing, and thought provoking at times. I think it’s important for ladies to be multidimensional individuals and want start showing that through my blog posting. Will it be perfect next week? Probably not, but give me a little time and I’m almost more than certain the end goal will be amazing!


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