Journey with a Journal

I am a talker. I love to talk. If I have something to say, I will most definitely say it because I think opinions matter. I think feelings matter and I think ideas matter. These are all different things I enjoy having conversations about, but since I turned 21, I’ve adopted the habit of journaling about them too.

For a while, I wasn’t a fan of journaling because my brain goes much faster than my hand because my thoughts fluctuate frequently. I can literally be thinking about one thing and something may catch my attention that throws my brain into a tangent and it’s a continuous cycle until I realize it. I then try to backtrack and get to point a and I’m so far over the initial thought that it’s just on to the next. However, I reached a point to where I wanted to document what i was experiencing in life and how 21 would be for me.

A few days after my birthday, I went to Wal-Mart on a whim and purchased a cheap little journal that I planned to write in once a week and so far, I think the practice is interesting. I use it as a weekly reflection tool to see what I have accomplished and also how I feel about my progress in life. By waiting for the week to end and thinking back on things, I’m able to focus more and not be so in the moment with rushing thoughts and emotions. I’m able to really think about what things I have experienced that I personally want to take time and write about.   

While I’ll ALWAYS pick talking over writing, journaling has become something I actually look forward to at the week's end. There’s something encouraging about seeing all the curve balls I overcame and how God carried me that makes it enjoyable. Its through this practice that I’ve noticed how comfortable I am with the actions I take because I’m constantly depending on God to have me. Its funny because I typically write on Sundays too.

I think a journal has added a sense of accountability to my life at the moment. While I’m not making decision in the moment based on the fact I'll eventually write about them, I am able to look back and decide what I want to change and how to mature from an experience. It allows me to assess my attitude and emotions, which is something we all should be doing. That leads to growth and as we get older, we should only get better….like wine!

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