In October, They Wear Pink


Today’s post will be a little different because I got sick over the weekend. I literally woke up with a lip that was like 4x its normal size and it threw a lot of things off. I couldn't go to work, shoot the pink outfit I got together, annnd I was stuck in the house for two days. It was a complete curveball for my pink plans, but the show must go on.

If I couldn't be the one to give yall pink looks, why not show some love to the ladies who can and allow you guys to possibly learn about other blogger babes? This lead me to Instagram where I focused bloggers who've killed pink within the month of October. I searched for a LONG time and there were so many pink outfits that I loved, but I didn't want to overwhelm you guys and decided to go with the three below. So prepare to see three bloggers who wore pink the right way.

Sarah from We The Birds 
The day I saw this suit on my popular page, I followed these sisters immediately! I’m a sucker for a suit in an unexpected color and those shoes are to die for. Literally, between the pink + sparkle of the suit and the feathers on the shoes, this was the first person that came to mind for this feature! I also have to give her extra points for her hair matching because that's taking it to a whole other level!

Chinyere from Chillin With Chi 
I wholeheartedly believe it was meant for “Chi” to be featured because I liked one of her pictures a long time ago and she just so happened to post another pink look that I liked a few weeks ago. Turn around to two days ago and she was in denim and pink. I’m all for the monochromatic looks she served during NYFW and the fact that they were all girly?! It was honestly too much for my heart.

Jennifer from Jennifer x Lauren 
So one thing I like is seeing a blogger in an outfit people can actually wear. Life isn’t always heels and super glam, so realistic fashion is a favorite of mine, which brings us Jennifer. Her favorite color is pink, so her feed is filled with gorgeous outfits that feature…pink! The two I chose are so simple, yet super cute because the pink really makes them pop AND its used for unexpected pieces! The pink fedora and booties took it over for me!

I literally love everything about the outfits these ladies wore! From being extra with the sparkle to spicing up a normal weekend look, each look was worn with so much confidence and style that I felt they would be perfect to be the first people ever featured on Syd and the City! It's something about a well dressed woman that just makes me happy and all three of these bloggers put a smile on my face. I'll be tagging their Instagram handles below, so be sure to give them a follow! 

We The Birds' Instagram

Chilling With Chi's Instagram 

Jennifer x Lauren's Instagram

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