Food Find: The Shrimp Doc

Restaurant The Shrimp Doc
LocationDallas, Texas
Main Meal Seafood

Hi guys! I know it has been a minute since my last food find and Im sorry, but I’m working on tailoring post to the content that you guys really seem to enjoy and I also hadn’t been anywhere new or tried anything worth sharing. But I was recently able to try an *exclusive* meal that wont be available in Dallas again till new September-October and if you know Dallas, you know that's fair time.

So why are you even sharing it? Glad you asked! The company makes other things that a JUST as good and sold year round, it's a black business, AND it’s literally good seafood. But on to the Find…

This is a loaded, buttered, baked potato with lobster meat, steak, and a whole lobster claw from The Shrimp Doc! It's a mobile seafood company that does specializes in boiled seafood and seafood bake potatos and I'm sure you can see why. They have a stand at the fair and it cost 60 tickets, which is equivalent to $30, but you get EVERY. DOLLAR. WORTH. Its literally so big that my dad and I couldn't finish it and eventually gave it away to his friend. It's huge.

The lobster is cooked very well and is super tender as well as the steak. They have a slightly lemony-butter flavor on the claw that goes well with the potato when its all ate together. As a huge seafood fan, The Shrimp Doc hit the nail on the head for. And while I like steak, I have to say that you can tell seafood is their speciality because it was just so good. Like, Im literally to blame for all the lobster being gone lol. 

Being as we got this from the State Fair, the atmosphere was out of their control, but they were still very polite! The owner is actually a friend of my dad’s and he has always been friendly, so I’m not surprised his employees were the same! 

This is a special find for me because it is a friend of the family's business. In no way does that change the things I said, it just makes me want to share the business. I love seafood and supporting people, so it felt like the perfect business to share a Food Find from. While this is a specialty dish, I can 100% vouch that all the items on their menu are just as good! They also have a baked potato on the menu that has blackened shrimp, so you can get something pretty close! I'll be leaving the website below and hope you guys call the shrimpologists!

The Shrimp Doc's Website and  Facebook 

Food ∙ 5/5
Service ∙ 5/5
Atmosphere ∙ 3/5

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