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A fun fact about me is that I don't workout...ever. I just happen to own a lot of workout clothes and literally suffer from what my friends call “mom dressing.” It is my M.O. to put on some workout clothes for my usual day to day and they jokingly relate this to the mom that wears sports clothes but never works out and its hilarious to me because it is so me, minus the mom part! 

Workout clothes are just a major staple to my personal style. I wear them most days as a default for when I don't know what to wear or when the day is casual. I love the whole fake “I actually workout and just threw this on today” vibe they give, which is so far from the truth with me. I literally just enjoy being in a set that can allow me to do anything I need to do and look effortlessly cute.

This set I’m wearing is by Nike, which happens to be my favorite sportswear brand. I’ve actually never worn this one in particular, despite it being about 3 (?) years old, but I’m more than certain it will be in my rotation because the leggings are SO comfortable. Say hello to one of my outfits for the fair!

The leggings are cotton, while the top is Dri-FIT, and I think I’ll start investing in the cotton bottoms as well now. Usually, I buy the Dri-FIT bottoms to stay cooler here in the Texas heat, but the cotton wasn't so bad. Another thing about this set is that I think the pieces are meant to be mixed due to the contrasting fabrics, which is also a plus because it gives a lot of wear out of the two pieces.

To match the set, I put on a Nike Dri-FIT cap and sneaker, both in white. I am working on my sneaker game, so white was my compromise since I didn't have a silver pair. I think that could’ve went good too since my accessories were silver. Workout clothes are easy dressing, so I did a pair of silver hoops, a white (surprise!) watch, and silver cross body purse.

All details are tagged below J

Tank: Nike | Leggings: Nike | Hat: Nike | Shoes: Nike | Purse: Michael Kors | Watch: Michael Kors

Photography courtesy of Bluu FoxPhotography

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