The Cost of Kindness

“Of a good or benevolent nature or disposition”

I’m going to preface this and let you all know that the original post for today was pushed back because I woke up and felt the need to talk about kindness.

On Friday during my lunch break, I was driving back to work when a homeless man was asking for money at car windows. I had no cash, however he saw my apples and asked for them. As I was handing them over, my light turned green and the woman behind me was furious. She was honking her horn, waving her hand at me, and even started yelling at the homeless man. She did all of this when the light was green for like three seconds.

I’m fully aware that people have things to do, places to be, and personal lives to worry about, but I don't understand why small gestures of kindness are so far and few. What has disconnected us from being able to give a few seconds to help or be of good nature to our neighbor? Why are we so consumed with ourselves and our personal bubbles of familiarity, that we don't go out the way to acknowledge others?

Apart of me believes we have become disconnected and desensitized to reality and in turn disregard the importance of being there for others. Whether it’s just a smile, holding the door, or even saying hi, I’ve noticed that people have drawn further into themselves to the point where interaction with others is limited. Its something personal that everyone has to decide they want to change, but it's a change we need. Life is not meant to be lived for oneself and it is imperative that we all remember that. As a Christian, I know God wants me to love my brothers and sisters, but how can I or you when we don't take the seconds out of our day to be of good nature to the ones we don't know? How does that really work?

In relation to that, I also think we have built these protective borders around ourselves in order to shelter us from hurt from people we don't know. The world is so crazy right now; I know people don't necessarily engage with others because they don't know what kind of person they are engaging with. I personally am cautious about this because I’m aware of the danger that’s out there and the likelihood that all people aren’t going about their days with good intention. HOWEVER, that cannot stop me or us.

We all have to make a conscious effort to move a little softer and be a bit more present for not only our lives but also others. It takes nothing to be kind to someone and it also has the ability to complete change someone’s day. You never know what the person next to you is going through and it would be amazing if your little act of kindness gave them hope that this world isn’t so hard after all.

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