In two days, we will welcome the best season of the year *swoons*. It is no secret I'm a fall addict, but I had to go out of summer with a bang! 

To celebrate the re-launch of the blog, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go glitz and glam, hence the sequins and rhinestones. The skirt was a dream come true to my feminine, girly side, as it's a mini, pink, and completely sequined. What was so funny to me was the fact that NONE of my family liked the skirt, but the moment I saw it during the Zara sale, I knew I had to have to for the blog and the days I needed some pep in my life. 

The summer has been brutal in the Big D, so a backless bodysuit was the perfect complimentary piece. Along with the high neck, which is hidden via my chocker, I felt it added the drama I needed. I went the obnoxious rhinestone route for jewelry because it screams 'special occasion' and is very eye-catching.
 Bodysuit: Zara | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden | Jewelry: Various 
Photos via Bluufox

Welcome back to Syd and the City!

If it's your first time here, hey! If you're a regular, thank you for coming back and checking out the new site! As you can see, a few things have changed and I'm so happy with how everything turned out!! It's all so pretty, professional, and a lil extra, which is what I was going for!
If you don't mind looking around, I'd appreciate it. I've update my about page and cleaned my categories up a bit. We're focusing on either Syd or the City, with each having multiple subcategories. After completing my first year of blogging, I thought it was time to streamline things into a more mature manner. I wanted the blog to reflect, as always, so I felt it needed to "grow up" a bit.

With the new SATC, I do want to go ahead and give y'all the 411 on how things will go! I plan to post 2-3 times a week, which will be Tuesday, Thursday, and one day during the weekend, depending on the topic.  Posts related to Syd will go live on Tuesday and Thursday, and all City will take place on the weekend. It is still my goal to produce quality content, so please be kind if I do skip a day!

Other than the visual layout info and posting schedule, I don't have much else to update y'all with! I am going to be a bit more active on Facebook, so please be sure to follow me there. It is my goal to provide all my socials with more content as well, so be sure to find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

I think that covers everything, so feel free to browse around and take in the "new me" (Like the new haircut!!!). I've worked hard to get things both visually appealing and mentally stimulating, so I hope you enjoy! As said on the about page, I hope what I'm putting out to y'all is enlightening in some capacity. I feel that things were off to a good start last year and I hope to go BIGGER and BETTER this year!
It has been 365 days, 85 post, 42 outfits, and countless amounts of support later and I am here to celebrate Syd and the City still going strong.
I am so happy and grateful I can write this blog post.  

This has been the most exciting thing I’ve done for myself and I really love it and I’m so grateful God allowed me to start when I did. Blogging was something I always wanted to do, but I never got this far in all my prior failed attempts. And I never have been in such an amazing position to do it than now. #Godsplan  

This journey has allowed me to be in a world I only dreamed of. I’ve worked with companies, attended events, and have been welcomed into a fun community of other women with similar dreams. The community has been one of the best parts if I’m honest because 1) I love women supporting women, and 2) It's helpful to know there are others trying to figure it out just like me. I don't believe in going at things alone, in a “I don't need anyone” way, so it's really comforting to know I have people supporting me.

Whether you read every blog post, and I love you if you do, or just skim every once in a while, thank you. I’m grateful for your support and really appreciate you taking time out of your day to like, share, read, or comment something to lil ole me. God has put something in my heart and I want to give it my all because it deserves it. I think anything that makes you happy deserves effort and Syd and the City is getting it all!

If you've stuck around this long, please get ready as we go to the next level! Y'all know how the saying goes, new year, new me ;)

Your Faves 

My Faves
Outfit Deets
Bodysuit: SheIn | Pants: HM | Shoes: 1. State | Clutch: Zara | Jewelry: Juicy Couture

Photography Courtesy of Bluufox Photography

Okay, so its technical NOT Fall yet, but it is right around the corner! We literally have 15 more days and the best season of the year is here! Aside from the start of this season, I enjoy September because it's the anniversary of Syd and the City! It'll be one whole year of blogging come the 12th and I am happy for what I have in store! New year, new me...wink wink! 

Any who, as I'm anticipating the cooler days, I started putting looks together and wanted to share this one! It is still in the 90's in Texas, so I think that a one shoulder bodysuit is the perfect transitional piece. As a petite girl, I have always been skeptical of culottes because I felt they would drown me, but this pair has changed my mind. I one love the paper bag waist and I also enjoy the color, as both are flattering. I bought my shoes from Dillard's back in April or May, but I found the exact shoe still at Nordstrom Rack! These are so comfy and cute, Im sure y'all will be seeing them a lot! 

Outfit Deets
Dress: T.J. Max | Shoes: Steve Madden | Jewelry: Lucky Brand

Photography Courtesy of Bluufox Photography
Hey Y'all!
So, summer is ending finally and all the stores are starting their End of Summer sales! I was in Nordstrom yesterday and they have some really good pieces out, and the whole "end of summer" type of sale made me think of scoring good pieces at good prices. I ball on a budget a lot, so I absolutely love stores that have good pieces at good deals. T. J. Maxx is a favorite of mine because I can get good quality pieces for reasonably prices. 

My dress came from T. J. Maxx and although it is by a smaller label, the quality is really good. I love the uniqueness of the dress like all the fringe on the sleeves and the simplicity of it as well. It's doing something, but not too much.  In true Southern fashion, I brought in MORE fringe with my sandals and some turquoise jewelry. I wanted the pieces to serve that simple, easygoing look, and I love how they all look together. 

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