Maybe it's my love for a good "put together" piece, but anything tweed is a favorite of mine! It's such a smart fabric that instantly elevates a look in the most sophisticated way that appears effortless. 
I posted this tweed skirt suit on my instagram months ago. From the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it and the best part is that the whole suit was...$20! Yes, I paid $10 for the skirt and $8 for the blazer, which is a honest steal. I love that they work beautifully together and will stand alone separately as well. 
 My granny is my fairy-godmother when it comes to accessories! I utilize her collection for every outfit that needs more than a simple necklace and earring set. She's even taken it upon herself to start ordering pieces for the blog in particular and I just adore that! This beret was one of those purchases and I love it! It gives a slight Parisian vibe, which I appreciate for the femininity. I was originally leaning toward pearls, but this ruby and pearl set was darling and really paired well everything!
 Blazer & Skirt: HM | Heels: Zara | Beret: Midnight Velvet | Jewelry: Midnight Velvet
I am so excited for this post! Like, you don't know how happy it makes me to be able to show off the  work of a friend and possibly  help give inspo for Halloween! I really like makeup, but that's not my skill set right now, so allowing someone to use me as a canvas to show some of the art that can be made makes me incredibly happy!

Halloween is such a fun time to me, so the when the idea to do either a costume or makeup look popped in my head, I jumped on it. Although a costume is fun, I wanted to do something that people could recreate and so I went the makeup route.

I know quite a few girls who are into makeup, and since I'm all about #girlpower, I decided to ask my friend Alex if she could create a special look for me! She's a self taught MUA, who started dabbling in the art during high school. She has a passion for animals by day, but come night, she's all into transforming faces for the perfect look! I mean, her can't live with our product is highlighter, which should let you know she has a certain type of sparkle to her! 

Steps to get your spooky on: 

1. Prime your face with Becca primer
2. Color Correct with La Pro Girl Concealer 
3. Apply foundation 
4. Highlight with Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Caramel
5. Contour with Black Opal Foundation Stick 
6. BLEND contour 

7. Set face with a mixture of Laura Mercier translucent powder and Maybelline Fit Me loose powder - set by pressing in immediately. Don't bake
8. Set contour with Anastasia Beverly Hill's contour powder kit 
9. Outline eyebrows with Nyx and fill in the tail with Anastasia Beverly Hill's dip brow 
10. Clean your brows, bottom only, with Anstasia Beverly Hill's concealer and blend it down to your eyelids
11.Repeat step 7 on eyelids

12. Apply eye shadow: 1-3 in the crease, 4 in inner corner, 5 in inner corner 
13. Prep eyelashes
14. Set eyebrows using Elf eyebrow gel 
15. Apply blush with Nyx ombre blush in Nude to Me
16. Apply eyelashes 
17. Apply eye shadow using 5 with 3 close to the waterline
18. Line the water line using Nyx eyeliner in white
19. Apply shadow color 5 in inner eye 
20. Highlight with Anastasia Beverly Hill's Rivera illuminator 
21. Set face with Iconic Water Mist Glow 
22. Blend with Ruby Kisses mineral powder
23. Apply Nyx liquid Suede in foul mouth 

And BOO! The inspiration behind this look was a bit of Beetlejuice, which is amazing because it's a classic. 
 And I know it may seem like a lot of steps, but do know that I was super detailed in the instructions to make it as user friendly as possible! Alex was able to get my face done in less than 1 hour, which isn't that long if you're going for such a detailed look. I was literally so obsessed that I didn't want to take my face off! 
Happy Halloween! 
It's been a long time coming, but here I am, all ready for fall. You'd think I would've been busting the looks out from day one, but the weather wouldn't let me be great. nonetheless, we are here and we're here to stay. 
Now its not freezing, so a good turtleneck will take you far. I know the oversize sweaters are all the rage right now, but a good turtleneck is a staple! I love black, but recently like the way browns and nudes compliment my skin. When pairing this vest, which is amazing, I knew my top needed to be simple, yet significant. I think the turtleneck allows for the attention to be on the vest and me! 

The raw-edge hem jean trend is going to live on for a long time. Mark my words with that and even if it dies tomorrow, I'll still wear them because they're so cute and flattering. I will admit that being short makes it somewhat hard to find ones that hit right, but even if the length is a little long, its still a look. 

I went fringe crazy with my booties and my necklace. Again, I didn't want o do TOO much, so I just did a fringed gold and turquoise necklace. Aside from plain gold, turquoise is the perfect stone for this color rust. It adds something, but not too much. 

Top: Macy's | Jeans: Zara | Vest: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden | Necklace: Fossil 
It has been a minute since The Beauty Trials have taken place around here. I've been picking up a few new items to incorporate here and there, none being significant enough for me to share, except natural deodorant. 

I'm a millennial, so it shouldn't be surprising that I'm trying a trend for the health benefits. Unlike convention antiperspirant, natural deodorant is free of parabens and aluminum chloride, two big ingredients that some believe are linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer. Now, don't freak because there's no scientific evidence that connect the two, but people are a bit worried and making the switch to the natural side. 

Natural deodorant does not stop sweat since its not an antiperspirant, but instead it uses baking soda to neutralize odors. I personally don't sweat a lot, so I wasn't worried about this, but it is a big deal for some people. Since you are no longer putting certain chemicals in your system that stop sweat, a lot of people go through a detox period where you're sweating more and producing a stronger body odor smell than normal. This is typically when people call it quits and revert back to their normal routines. 

But not I! I braved the natural deodorant game for 6 weeks and I'm here to share my experience! 

I picked up Schmidt's natural deodorant in Ylang-Ylang + Calendula  at Marshall's and polled my Instagram follower's before starting. The general consensus was that natural deo didn't work, the detox period was tough, and that it just didn't work as well overall. That didn't deter me because when my mine is made up to try something, I'm going to try it. 

From day 1, I had a positive experience. I was anxious to have results of some kind, so I was literally smelling my armpits all the time. I even had my family give them a whiff for feedback from others and they too thought things were normal. I did experience a stronger than normal smell on my first day of work, which I'm sure came from nervous sweat, but it was as if the smell of the deodorant just got stronger. I do want to add that the scent I got reminded me of a candle, which I soon grew tried of, and went and bought the Rose + Vanilla stick. Again, from Marshall's at half price btw. That scent did not hold up against my body odor as well, so I had to retire it pretty quickly. 

I rarely ever felt stinky when using Schmidt's, but I did feel a little irritation. There were some days that my armpits hurt/felt uncomfortable and the only thing I could blame it on was the deodorant as I didn't change anything else in my daily regimen. I also noticed my armpits started getting darker, which was a little worrisome. What was so weird was that the actual area I place deodorant didn't get that much darker, but it was like a ring around that area started darkening. 

In conclusion...

I stopped using Schmidt's and switched back to an antiperspirant. I am slightly vain, so the darkening of the armpits ended things for me. I have done research and found out that the sensitive formula doesn't include baking soda, the culprit behind the darkening and irritation. I plan to work on getting my color back and then I will be buying the that formula just to make sure. If you don't have a big sweat issue, I totally think it's worth a shot! 
I'm no meteorologist, but I'm going to make the statement that we've hit the fall temps permanently!We've hit records low two days this week in Dallas, having days where the high was 46! That  is unheard of and has been both a blessing for us cold lovers and a curse for the people who were expecting the cold to creep in slowly. 

For my second and final look for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to be pink, but fun. Something serious, but also different, given that I want to provide inspo for pink outfits that doesn' include a sweater or coat. Insert this pink floral dress from HM. It's a high-neck number with an open back that's surprising for how covered it is, save for the slit. a little leg and back action provided the demure sexiness I love, so I felt it was perfect! 

I'm sure you're saying,love the dress Syd, but hot pink boots? Why yes! I wanted to highlight the different shades of pink in the dress via my accessories and both the shades of my earrings and boots are found in the dress! Pictures honestly don't do the print justice, but the colors found in this print are so vibrant and joyful! Wonderful for this time of the year. 
Dress: HM | Boots: I.N.C. International Concept | Earrings: SimplyBe | Sunglasses: LaneBryant 
Photography Via Bluufox Photography 
In closing, I just want to remind you guys the importance of these pink looks. Aside from having my personal appreciation for the color, pink, it is used during the month of October to honor the fight many have and have had with Breast Cancer. More than 200,000 cases are treated every year and although we can't stop every single case, we can do our part to be as preventive as possible. 
Picture Via Des Daughter 
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